Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listen to the First Blend of 2010

Ryan Eckes

Below you will find the recording of January's Blend at the Blue Banana on South Street. It was by far the best turnout we've seen, and you, dear audience and fans, are to thank for that. We hope you continue to support PAPP events in the same, generous way!

The featured performers were, in order: Ryan Eckes, poet; John Todd, guitarist and singer; and Dan "the Man" Schall, poet. The open mic, which was eclectically mystifying, is included. If you prefer to download the files, or use a non-flash format, please just follow this link.

Also, let it be known that Blend will indeed continue in February, but it will no longer be a Poetic Arts Performance Project (PAPP) event. It was very great hosting it, but time has moved Blend in a new direction. We hope it continues to be as strong as it has been. Please make sure you check Blend out on Thursday, February 4th, when Cassendre Xavier and Jacob Russell will perform their work.