Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arsenic Pizza: the Media Leftovers

Rebecca of My Imaginary Band

The Arsenic Pizza event at Philadelphia's Central Free Library (on Vine Street) last week was great. The turnout was impressive and the performances were top-notch. The pizza slices were long, cheesy, and deliciously poisonous. Though there were a bunch of folks hanging out with their cameras and video-cams at the ready, I still took some snapshots and recorded some videos for here. If anyone has media they want to share, email us here and we'll put your work on this site, with proper accrediting of course. For videos of this event and all our past events, make sure you check out our Youtube page. For additional photos, check out our Facebook page (thanks to Scribbz and folk for making and maintaining it).

Alabaster, Wes, and Scribbly of My Imaginary Band

Scribbly of My Imaginary Band

From left to right: Dan Schall, Tamara Oakman, Adam Meora, and Quincy Scott Jones