Saturday, November 7, 2009

Download the Recording of November's Blend

If you want to download any of the reading/performance from this past Thursday, featuring great sets by poet Peter Baroth and guitarist Mark Toxiclife, click the link below. Files are in MP3 format.



  1. A few poems were listed incorrectly. If folks go looking for them elsewhere, the piece listed here as "Common Brand Race Relations" is actually "Blues for the Sidekick." Others that I noticed were "The Road to Gabor Szabo," who was a Hungarian guitarist whose work appears in a lot of movies and is worth checking out, and "Earth Mother" (instead of "Birth Mother") was the poem that won PMB the Amy Tritch Needle Award from Philadelphia Poets. Thanks! It was a fun night and a great open!

  2. The list has been updated! My apologies for the misappropriation of titles!