Saturday, August 8, 2009

The August Blend Event was a Success!

Thank you to everyone for coming out to Blend at the Blue Banana the other day. Anna Evans and Michelle Christine Garza were wonderful, and the open mic was the most eclectic and entertaining in some time.

Here are some pictures I took. The videos are currently being uploaded (Youtube link here).  If anyone else has any media, please comment on this post and we can work out putting it on the blog!

Director of PAPP, Adam "Naked" Meora

Poet Anna Evans (New Jersey)

Michelle Christine Garza (Pennsylvania)


  1. Great show everyone! Thanks to Anna Evans and Michelle Christine Garza for coming out to perform, and thanks also to all of the many talented people who came to the open mic.

    It was great fun organizing this month's Blend, and everyone at PAPP is looking forward to the next.

    There are many people who have expressed interest in the Blend going forward. Get your voices out there and be heard, and spread the word.

    Everyone at PAPP would also like to thank Alla Vilnyanskaya and Courtney Bambrick for coming up with the idea of the Blend and nurturing it for many months from its inception. Alla and Courtney have now moved on to other projects, but their guiding hand is still felt.

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