Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blog Updates

First of all, despite the crappy weather, this month's Blend event was quite an entertaining eve. Thanks for coming, supporting, working, eating, et cetera.

Now for the other news.

Over the next few days you will notice a few things, perhaps, if you're paying attention.

The first is that videos recently recorded will not be uploaded for a while. I just moved into a new house and am running entirely on Philadelphia's free wireless, which is dependable but not powerful. In a week or so I will be getting access to a private wireless ISP so I can start uploading/downloading/leftloading/rightloading. Raise those anticipation meters!

Secondly, the members section has been updated, and will continue to be updated. Email links will be made available, too.

Another goal is to link all of the "featured performers" that you can find on the sidebar, so that we get a network going.

If you have any comments/suggestions for the website, send an email to my personal address here.


Greg Bem
PAPP Web Director

PS: at the momoent we have no plans to start twittering around like a bunch of tw*ts.

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