Sunday, April 5, 2009

Videos Being Uploaded and Issues Uploading Videos

Good evening folks!

I see that some people are watching the videos, which is a great thing. Keep it up! Show us you love us! New content is added daily. Well, almost-daily. Lately Youtube, and the greater Internet of greater Philadelphia has been going only semi-okay. But with patience, the good videos from the past event from last Thursday (Blend featuring Trapeta B. Mayson, at the Blue Banana) will all be up. In case you haven't been able to see them just yet, watch this one right here:

To see more videos from the Blend event, just click here to go to the Blend playlist page. That reminds me--now that there are so many videos being "archived" through a video hosting service like Youtube, it's important that PAPP stays organized. One way that I will be attempting this organization is through the playlist option, which basically lets anyone who goes onto the PAPP Youtube page (click here to access the main page) click on the playlists button and see folders where different types of videos can be found. I'm arranging all the folders into different events, and so far it seems to be working.

Also, I do not hesitate to record videos at the open-mics that we host, which has its ups and downs. If you do not want a video of you remaining on this wonderfully public thing we call the Internet, just pop me an email and I'll remove it, no questions asked.

In any case, we are always looking for better-quality equipment, so if you or someone you know has and wants to operate a video camera that can operate especially-well under lighting conditions the my camera finds horrible, please email us! Also, send us any comments or questions you might have.


Gregory Bem

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